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Cemeteries & Memorials on the Western Front -The Silent Cities

Aptly named by Rudyard Kipling.  Today maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, we kindly ask when making pilgrimages to the resting places and memorials to the missing that they are treated with the respect and reverence they deserve.  Please remember there could be individuals or families visiting a loved one whilst we are present, and will wish to visit their loved one in the peace and serenity of the cemetery or memorial.

Towns & Cities in Belgium and France - Travelers Tip

When visiting places in Belgium and France, do remember that you are crossing two countries and therefore names of cities and towns will change, for example:

Ieper (Flemish) becomes Ypres (French)

Doornik (Flemish) becomes Tournai (French)

Kortrijk (Flemish) becomes Courtrai (French)

Rijsel (Flemish) becomes Lille (French)

Train Connections Travelers Advice

To get to Ieper from Lille there is no direct train connection.  You will have to go from Lille Flandres train station to Kortrijk (Courtrai) and then catch a connecting train from Kortrijk to Ieper, which is the pen-ultimate stop to Poperinge.  You should check train connection times before traveling.

To get to Ieper from Brussels there is a direct train.  You can travel either from Brussels Midi or Central to Poperinge final stop on the route, with Ieper being the pen-ultimate stop.