Daily Tours – Ypres Salient

Ieper, Ypres or Wipers as it was known by the British Army, was at the heart of the Western Front Battlefield throughout the First World War. For four long years the medieval town witnessed destruction and the loss of a generation. Fighting for the freedom of Belgium against the German war machine, the Allied Forces suffered the heaviest losses in its history. In the drive towards Passchendaele, 35 men were lost for every metre gained in the advance. We give you the opportunity to visit battlefields, cemeteries, memorials and museums; where precise information, anecdotes and images are provided to bring alive a world filled with gas, machine guns, mud, tanks and personal stories. It is our aim to remember the enormous sacrifice made for freedom, with dignity and respect we try to find the balance between being as informative as possible along with giving you instances of the Tommie’s famous humour.