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July – November 1916

This previously quiet sector of the Western Front would in 1916 become infamous. It began towards the end of 1915, the need for a large offensive “The Big Push,” by the Allies to deliver a blow so devastating for the German Army, that it would be compelled to sue for peace before the end of the year.

It was hope that the desired breakthrough would come on the first day – 1st July 1916. It didn’t… Commonwealth casualties alone on the 1st July 1916 stood at 60,000 killed, missing and wounded. By the close of the battle 140 days later Commonwealth Casualties exceeded 400,000 killed, missing and wounded.

Previously unknown French hamlets and villages would, after 1916 become household names throughout Great Britain and the Commonwealth. Pals Battalions would be ingrained in our memories forever.

This tour explains actions and battles, visits cemeteries and memorials synonymous with the Battle of the Somme, for example: Beaumont Hamel/Newfoundland Park, Delville Wood, Lochnagar Crater/La Boiselle, Thiepval Memorial and the Ulster Tower Memorial.

The Somme tour can be tailored at and upon request to cover areas not mentioned above.

Tours are based on a minimum of two participating, to enquire please click the "Booking enquiry" link above.  Please note the Somme Tours only operates from Monday through to Thursday and then Saturday (not on any given Friday or Sunday throughout the year).

“Death itself I do not fear, but I have rather a dread of the manner of death. I don’t want to be mangled badly and to be out in No Man’s Land until I do die…”

H Parry – October, 1916