Journey's End by R.C. Sherriff - 15/09/2017

10th October - 12th November 2017

Venue: Kruitmagazijn (Ammunition Store), Ypres, Belgium

Mesh Theatre Co. in alliance with Flanders Battlefield Tour.

Journey's End is set in the trenches towards the end of the war, it gives shocking and revealing insights into the experiences of ten men in a British trench over four days in March 1918, in the run-up to Operation Michael at St Quentin, near Aisne.

It was first performed in London in 1928, starring Laurence Olivier for more than 600 performances over two years. By late 1929 it had played in 18 languages across 31 countries, with English-speaking casts in Canada, Australia and South Africa and foreign language productions in New York, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Madrid, and Budapest.

A 1930 film  was followed by many adaptations as it influenced other artists across Europe. In 1933 a German film version Die Andere Seite directed by Heinz Paul was banned weeks after the Nazis took power in 1933.

It was at first dismissed by many as sensational with its message that the war had been a colossal waste of young lives built on deception. Army authorities complained it affected peacetime recruiting figures and it was widely criticised for its glorification of the officer class, with its charismatic lead character the alcoholic Stanhope, and comedic working class characters, such as the clownish, food-obsessed Trotter.

But each revival has shown that it transcends era and class with ever new things to tell an audience.

Tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate through Flanders Battlefield Tour, either for matinee productions (15.00hrs) or evening productions at 19.00hrs.  To purchase tickets please email: quoting: Journey's End.